Mr Abbott – Admit, Apologise and Move On

Can someone get in Tony Abbott’s ear and tell him to fess up. There’s such a kerfuffle out there about a woman’s claim that the current Opposition Leader behaved in an intimidatory fashion when she beat him in a vote for Sydney University Student Representative Council president in 1977.

I heard the woman on radio this morning and she reeks of credibility whereas Abbott’s denial doesn’t smell the same way at all. When will he ever learn what I tell participants in my media training workshops – if you’ve made a mistake, admit it, apologise and move on.

While his alleged actions 35 years ago were not exemplary (he apparently came within an inch of her nose and punched the wall on either side of her head), he didn’t hurt the woman physically so he should be admitting it, apologising to her and then the story would go away. As it turns out he has apparently gone into hiding from the media which is the very last thing he should be doing. Again, from a media training perspective he should be on the front foot. Unfortunately, his critics are saying this is not an isolated incident and his offensive behavior means he is not suitable to be Prime Minister of Australia.


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