Are You One Of The Good Guys?

Have a think about public perception of not only your organisation but your industry. Are you one of the good guys, like a charity, motoring organisation or emergency services? If so, you’re a jump ahead of other organisations like oil companies and banks that are not held in high esteem by the public.

You can use this to your advantage especially in a radio or TV interview where some light and shade in delivery is paramount to a good performance. Lighten up at times, smile and remind the interviewer of the good deeds your organisation performs. Don’t be defensive as we see in a lot of our media training workshops. We constantly see participants writhing in agony almost as they talk about matters that really amount to good deeds. On those occasions look the part – be confident, happy and willing to share the good news with the listeners, viewers, readers.

Remember, we don’t want to see you constantly grinning through an interview nor do we want to see you looking serious the whole time. It’s the variety that makes your performance more compelling to watch or listen to.

We see this come out in our media training workshops and it’s always pleasing to see the change in participants once they realise they don’t have to be serious looking the whole time during an interview.

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