Julia – Please Talk Naturally!

Memo to the Australian Prime Minister:

Julia, you have to rediscover how to talk naturally. I have several videos of you being interviewed on A Current Affair last year (just after you toppled Rudd for the top job) and you spoke far more naturally – but passionately – than you do now. Here’s a sample from that interview.

Dean Frenkel, writing in The Age last month, agreed with my view saying it was time for Julia to drop the twang as it was really beginning to annoy us. He said the PM’s tone had become more robotic and less melodious. I agree entirely. She also has become far too slow in her delivery which is rather the opposite of what people do when under pressure.

In most of our media training workshops I can’t recall telling anyone they needed to speak faster. They normally speak too fast because of nerves and need to slow down.

Julia – please take note – quicken your delivery and pretend you’re just talking to that First Bloke beside you and you WILL give a better performance. Alternatively, book into one of our media training workshops and I’ll make sure you improve!