Lindsay Tanner Tells It Like It Is

A few weeks ago, former Labor Minister Lindsay Tanner released his book aptly named Sideshow in which he lamented the demise of big issues and the rise of petty intrigue, gimmicks and stunts in the world of politics – well, at least that was the sub-headline written by Michael Gordon in The Age.

Let me tell you Mr Tanner, petty intrigue is a way of life in the media world too and that world has absolutely shifted to the realm of entertainment instead of information. Watch any commercial TV news service at night and you’ll be bombarded with court case after court case, celebrity tittle-tattle after celebrity tittle-tattle and just a lot of rubbish that has very little to do with news that matters.

From a media training point of view this means it gets harder and harder for any corporate person, or politician, to get a reasonable say on these programs let alone get their story covered at all.

Our training exhorts business to take a leaf out of the political world and rely more on stunts to get your message across. You won’t change them so you may as well join the media in its circus – if you want to be heard, that is!