Ludwig Needs To Learn How To Speak

Australia’s Minister for Agriculture, Joe Ludwig, is caught in the cross hairs this week over his bungled handling of our live cattle export to Indonesia where animal cruelty was so visually proved by the Four Corners program last week.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Ludwig used the term “animal welfare outcomes” 14 times and “supply chain assurance” eight times. When asked why he had suspended the live cattle trade with Indonesia for only six months, he said “We need to put in place that supply chain assurance so as soon as we can move to a supply chain assurance then we can transition for the longer term.”

He wouldn’t be a lawyer would he? Where do people learn to speak like this?

One of the main points in our media training workshops is to abandon all such speak and not only use words that everyone can understand but put them into sentences that are in everyday use.

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