Media Training Needed To Combat Formality

Well here we are in 2013 and I notice that media training services are needed more than ever. Emergency service personnel seem to be talking more naturally in their TV interviews but there’s still media training work to be done. Generally, it’s the false perception by so many interviewees that formality is needed to communicate the gravitas of a situation – please bring back Ronnie Reagan to show these people how to use the whole gamut of expressions while communicating.

Speaking of formality, you can see doses of it if you watch Border Security on the 7 Network. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be the choice of the production company but more likely the Public Service attitude of the Customs people featured in the show – they are called “officers” constantly… in “Officer Sandy will now pat down the suspect” or “Officer Bill will Xray the bag”. Why it cant be just Sandy or Bill is beyond me. Sure they do an important job but you don’t have to make them sound so formal to communicate that job to us.

And the person who needs media training most so far this year – why, it ‘s the First Bloke who embarrassed his Prime Minister wife with an off comment about prostate examinations.

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