Some Media Training Thoughts With Real Media Interviews

I was running a media training workshop yesterday for four executives and thought a few comments from the day might be helpful.

While running the media training course a real call came in from the media to this organisation and a spokesperson whom I’d previously media trained consequently recorded TV interviews with channels 7 and 10. We took the four participants in my course outside to watch these real media interviews being recorded and they learnt more from this exposure. Afterwards I asked the spokesperson to address the new media training group and they were to hear of him asking both interviewers whether they had/were going to interview other people on the topic. Really, what did they say? He also told them how he had repositioned himself from squinty sunlight into the shade as it would make him look better on TV. These were all valid points that my new group learnt from watching the real thing and hearing from the experienced spokesperson who recorded the interviews.

Other comments – today’s TV crews are two person, a camera operator and a reporter and that reporter wields a radio hand microphone. This limits the positioning of the reporter as he/she has to be close enough to the interviewee to mike their comments. In yesterday’s real media interviews, the interviewee was a hand talker but experienced enough to know not to hit the proferred hand microphone with his hands as he moved them around. A less experienced hand might have wandered into the path of the microphone and rendered that grab useless!

One final lesson the group learnt on the spot. The interviewee was chatting to one of the reporters while the cameraman set up his shot (normal practice) and sure enough what they talked about came up in the subsequent interview. Just make sure that pre-interview chat contains a nugget or two of real information you want to get out there.

Of course both those interviews recorded yesterday were to be edited but you have to get the interview down on the tape/card or you have no chance of it going to air.

Hope those topical comments are useful to those of you considering a media interview or media training.

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