The Royal Prank and Media Training

It appears that when a crisis hits the last thing people think of doing is saying that magic word “sorry”. In our media training workshops we’re very big on that word and we’re very big on saying it soonest.

As I write this, I’m still waiting for the Sydney disc jockeys who made the prank call that appears to have led to a nurse’s suicide in the UK to come forward and say “we’re sorry”. Two little words that unfortunately wouldn’t bring that nurse back but would quite possibly reduce some of the anger and inflamed comments the prank has generated. But, no, haven’t heard those words yet. Have heard the DJs are getting counselling which makes me wonder what wimps modern HR practices are moulding.

If you really need it, get the counselling later – after you’ve come out and apologised for the unintended result of your prank. Come to one of our media training workshops and learn how to handle a crisis properly!

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