SEO Reputation Management

Did you know there was such a field? Well, there is and it involves helping companies who have bad PR from not showing up high in Google searches.  If people are bad-mouthing your company on blogs, forums or Facebook and that information is showing up in Google, the SEO Reputation Manager gets multiple “good” PR stories to show up and push the “bad” PR stories off page one of the search results.

The most recent example I saw was a a man wrongly accused of murder. Whenever anyone searched for this guy’s business or his name they saw a lot of listings talking about this murder. This was obviously affecting his business (not to mention his sense of humour I’d say) so the SEO Reputation Manager got the first page of Google completely filled with good stories about this man and his business. This pushed all the talk about the murder way down in the search results where hardly anyone would see them.

A neat trick eh?