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1o Wrongly Said Sayings

There’s a really good piece on The Age online today that lists 10 sayings that people often get wrong. Because I’ve heard a few of these in my media training sessions I thought I’d post this so if you’re not sure you can check if you’re saying the phrase/word correctly.

As The Age points out, it can be incredibly embarrassing to get commonly used sayings wrong. Called an “eggcorn”, these slips happen when someone tries to use a word or expression they’ve heard that they’ve never seen written down, so muddle up the words. The name for these mistakes was derived by someone once describing an acorn as an eggcorn.

Here’s the first and last points on the list:

1. You’ll often hear someone say that something has become “a mute point”. What they should say is that it’s become “a moot point”.

10. Are you making major changes in your life, or job? Don’t describe this as a complete 360 degree change in your life. You’re not going full circle. You’re actually making a 180 degree change.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/small-business/franchising/ten-sayings-people-always-get-wrong-20140128-31jii.html#ixzz2sKGSbKdR

Killing A Scoop

Here’s a new tactic to tuck away in the PR saddlebag. The Federal Government has answered a reporter’s questions via a media release and, as The Australian reported today, this disseminated her story to rivals and killed off her chance of a scoop.

FOI requests are being handled this way too with Treasury and the Reserve Bank now releasing FOI documents on the same day to all journalists without warning so the journo who submitted their request sees their exclusive evaporate instantly.

While journos might be aghast at what they term a “breach of trust”, I can see how some companies might just use this tactic.