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I might be slightly off topic here as this has nothing to do with media training or video production. However I can’t take another day of hearing that nasal-voiced former Premier Jeff Kennett share his views with us on any topic under the sun.

Please Jeff, enough is enough! You’ve had your day in the sun (and some of us are still paying for it) – let someone else talk about all those topics you obviously believe you’re an expert in.

Even The Heckler in The Age this last weekend had a go at him under the heading “Ted’s hoping pensioner Jeff will fade away”. The article talks about Kennett “turning 65 in a few weeks time and doing the dignified thing and fading quietly into the sunset upon this milestone and leaving Ted to to get on with it.”

Hear, hear.

Not Just Media Training – Video Production Too!

I seem to forget in these posts that we produce videos as well as media training executives and community leaders. There’s a great synergy between these two skills as we are able to extract best performance from people we interview in our corporate videos, investor videos, training videos, promotional videos, safety videos etc.

As an example, we recently produced an investor video in Tasmania and were able to get the key executive being interviewed to slow down his delivery as he was “swallowing” some words which made him harder to understand. On other occasions we’ve been able to make interviewees less nervous about appearing on camera in our video productions.

Some executives start out insisting they will deliver their thoughts directly to camera without realising the skills needed to do that properly with confidence, sincerity and authority. In these instances we convince them to deliver in an “interview setting” which makes it easier for them and for the end viewers.

Of course these days a lot of our video productions end up as a web video production. Today, I have just completed one corporate video project that will be delivered as a web video production as well as a DVD Video and as a HD wmv file on USB sticks – all to be sent to investors as an educational exercise with the client’s branding on both media.

Last week we finished another HD video production that will be played on a large screen at an annual review day next week for a large oil and gas company.

Just before Christmas we received an urgent corporate video production Melbourne brief on a Monday; were shooting in Victoria, Tasmanian and South Australia on the Tuesday to Thursday; edited the program on the Friday; showed it to a very happy client at 5pm that day; fine-tuned the edit on the Saturday and gave him DVD Video copies as well as a version for his Blackberry phone – all to show to investors in China on the following Monday. This client was so thrilled with our quality, speed of delivery and understanding of his needs that he paid our bill in full that same Monday!

That type of service comes from one word – experience. I was trained in video via a TV career and have been able to use that background to successfully offer media training services to clients as well as our expertise in corporate video production. We have conducted media training workshops in 10 countries and all around Australia as well. We have also shot video in the USA, Canada, Fiji, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia, Spain and all around Australia.

So, if you need either media training expertise or a video production call us and we’ll give you our undivided attention as well as very competitive quotes.