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In 2014 I teamed up with colleague John Krutop to form 2K Productions – our plan to bring more affordable video to businesses, especially small businesses.

The 2K plays on our surnames, Kelly and Krutop and the fact that a straight forward 2 minute profile on a business would cost $2,000 +GST. That figure includes research, scriptwriting, shooting, voice over and editing with music

Here’s the first one we completed in September 2014.

The client had this to say about that video:

What a great video!  John and Graham are a very slick team, pulling our fabulous video together so fast.  From start to finish we didn’t have to worry about a thing, they planned everything.  All we had to do was okay the storyboard and script, which was spot on.  They treated us all like stars, giving us direction to make sure each shot looked good, and making everyone feel comfortable.  Quite a feat for our camera shy team!  It’s such a professional video, it’s like seeing ourselves on the news.   We are so pleased with the outcome, thanks John and Graham for your excellent work. 


Melinda Fear

A1 Testing & Tagging Pty Ltd

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